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Scouting has always been an intergral part of Elsies River. Many a child has past through this organization and many can still look back with great pride. Like many other scouts bodies we've had our share of trials and tribulations. There were even times when there was no scouts at all. Thanks to a few dedicated and commited youth and adults we managed to recover from this stagnant position and change it into a very dynamic body. 2nd Elsies River will surely become a force that will need to be reconded with. 

Our motto is " Rise Above Your Circumstances"

And this is exactly what we plan to do. We will become a competitve scouts that will not only chanlenge our rivals, but plan to revamp it into something the could only once dreamed about. We will most definetly rock you.

Our new commitee members are determined to to make this one of the most exciting scouts in our area. With a big agenda and so little time we can hardly have time to sit still. Our youth are actively involve with various levels of training on Monday evenings, and normally out and about weekends.

We currently have 10 scouts members who is steered by 2 scouters and backed by a dedicated  comitte of 4 adults. We would like to see the scouts grow to double this figure by the end of 2001. Any scouts are most welcome to come and visit. We can only grow from strength to strength.

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